We’re organising another handcuff collectors day on Sunday June 27th 2020. On this day we’ll exchange information,
techniques and little known facts about handcuffs and our handcuff collections.
If you collect handcuffs or are interested in starting your own collection, you are welcome to join us.
Latest day to register is June 20th (number of participants is limited so register as soon as possible)

Just to make things very clear: this day is about collecting handcuffs and other restraints. This day is not a fetish or SM party
On the Agenda :
- Reception with coffee, thee or softdrink with a snack
- Lunch
- Possibilities to participate in a photoshoot with model
- Handcuff quiz

for registration send an e-mail to info@cuffsworld.nl, subject "cuffsday 2021"
- Location:  Sas van Gent (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, NL)
- Participatio fee: 25 € per Person (including lunch and drinks)

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